5 Reasons Dragon Age 2 Pwns Dragon Age: Origins

There seems to be an internet consensus that Dragon Age: Origins was vastly superior to Dragon Age 2. Comments range from the generalised “Garbage” to the oddly specific “the ear drawing so ugly” but I’m here to tell you why that is so much hogwash. (Except maybe the ears. They could be right about the ears. I’ve been very remiss in my ear analysis.)

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Difficulty Selected: Casual

I haven’t updated Repetitive Game Injury in a while, because frankly, updating it via Blogspot was a huge faff. So, I’m moving to the far more user-friendly wordpress, and widening my remit. As well as replaying old games and blabbing about them, I’ll just be blabbing generally about games, entertainment and so forth as it occurs to me. The fun just never starts.