@Notagoth is Lynda Clark. She is a writer, gamer and geek. Her short stories have been published in various places, and she won an award for a weird radio play about talking kitchen appliances, which the BBC went on to describe as ‘very disturbing’ and ‘not sufficiently funny to be broadcast’. She’s also written for numerous independent videogames and prior to that countless games and virtual goods for PlayStation Home that barely anyone will have seen, much less appreciated the blood, sweat and tears that went into naming Minotaurs and creating the interplay between a goose and a villainous rabbit.
As a gamer she mainly plays RPGs, adventure games and strategy games, but will play anything with a decent storyline. She’s currently working on a PhD in Interactive Fiction and helping out at The National Videogame Arcade, where she runs the games writer’s group, Hello Words.

She also blogs about politics here and academic(ish) things here. She used to blog here.

Her geekery knows no bounds.


If you’d like to hire her, please contact via Twitter or e-mail at: l.clark10000@gmail.com

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