There But For The Grace Of God Go Us


Adelaide and Red (Lupita Nyong’o) US, dir. Jordan Peele, 2019.

Everything that follows is going to be extremely spoilerific, because it has to be for me to properly discuss US and the rather strange reaction to Lupita Nyong’o’s performance in it. So, if you haven’t yet seen it, go and do that now, and THEN come back and read. Although, it’s not a review, strictly speaking, so don’t come back expecting that.

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The Country’s Full

It’s a touchy subject, I know, but it’s true. Our dear little country, with its houses and rental properties standing empty at extortionate, unaffordable prices; with its one percenters who own an apartment in London and a condo in the Bahamas and a cottage in the Cotswolds that they stay at one weekend a year contributing virtually nothing to struggling rural economies; with more Tesco Expresses and Subways than affordable council housing; that country, is full.

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In Defence of Doom

I like Kim Newman. I think he’s a good reviewer and he approaches terrible B-movies with a level of open-mindedness few critics employ. But when it comes to giving Doom (the movie, not the videogame series) 2 stars, (Leaving aside Newman’s assertions that “games [stories] are, almost by definition, mindlessly derivative” and “there’s nothing duller than watching somebody else play a game” – RAGE!) I’m forced to disagree. Continue reading

In the Flesh and the Rise of Fascism

Note: This is another one I wrote for another publication that ultimately went unused. It was written in June 2014 when Farage fever was at its height in the British media. Sadly, little has changed since then, so it’s still depressingly relevant with the Tories joining UKIP in a war on the fringes of society. Enjoy!

Also, the series has now been cancelled, so we’ll never find out what the Undead Prophet’s deal was. Sad not to be seeing these characters again, but it really was excellent and I highly recommend you seek it out.

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