A Dark Room of One’s Own

I awake to find myself in a dark room. Well, not awake so much as come round, groggily, after a long day at uni (thinking can be tiring, shut up!). But the room is dark. It’s screen two at Broadway Cinema. I’m already pretty familiar with the Dark Room, Mr John Roberston’s* highly inventive interactive videogame. It may seem strange to bother calling a videogame interactive, but Mr John Robertson’s game is, as I said, inventive, and so the term is apt. I’ve played the YouTube version: Continue reading

In Defence of Doom

I like Kim Newman. I think he’s a good reviewer and he approaches terrible B-movies with a level of open-mindedness few critics employ. But when it comes to giving Doom (the movie, not the videogame series) 2 stars, (Leaving aside Newman’s assertions that “games [stories] are, almost by definition, mindlessly derivative” and “there‚Äôs nothing duller than watching somebody else play a game” – RAGE!) I’m forced to disagree. Continue reading

Just Another Nancy Boy

I first heard of Placebo in 1994. I was at secondary school, and a lad came up to me and said; “All right Brian?” prompting sniggers from his surrounding lackeys. I thought this was another ‘Tosh Lines’ sort of reference. My peers often called me by the names of burly male celebrities in an effort to shame me into being more appropriately feminine. But the Brian thing was different. Numerous people said it to me, and not always unkindly, until eventually one guy informed me, “You look like that Placebo bird.” (I’m not kidding, the concept of a man in make-up was so alien to him he was insistent on Brian Molko being female despite being called Brian and identifying as male.)

Continue reading