In Defence of Doom

I like Kim Newman. I think he’s a good reviewer and he approaches terrible B-movies with a level of open-mindedness few critics employ. But when it comes to giving Doom (the movie, not the videogame series) 2 stars, (Leaving aside Newman’s assertions that “games [stories] are, almost by definition, mindlessly derivative” and “there‚Äôs nothing duller than watching somebody else play a game” – RAGE!) I’m forced to disagree. Continue reading

5 Things NOT To Say To Someone With A Vocal Disorder

First of all, don’t worry if you’ve done one or all of these at some point. We’ve all been an accidental dickhead at some point in our lives. But we don’t have to stay that way. This list is intended to help you not be a dick to those of us who are vocally challenged. Continue reading

Feminist Icons of Archer

When I first watched Archer, I thought ‘Great, another show about a gruff, suave white guy saving the day, and he’s a hilarious ironic sexist to boot. Y’know, that ironic sexism that’s basically just regular sexism with a hipster beard and a skill for making vegan quiche’. And Archer himself is all those things. But the show isn’t. The show’s far smarter than that, and has one of the best female supporting casts on TV. Obviously it has its problematic elements (what comedy show doesn’t?) but overall, there’s a lot to love. So, in ascending order, my top 5 Ladies of Archer!

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5 Reasons Dragon Age 2 Pwns Dragon Age: Origins

There seems to be an internet consensus that Dragon Age: Origins was vastly superior to Dragon Age 2. Comments range from the generalised “Garbage” to the oddly specific “the ear drawing so ugly” but I’m here to tell you why that is so much hogwash. (Except maybe the ears. They could be right about the ears. I’ve been very remiss in my ear analysis.)

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