In the Flesh and the Rise of Fascism

Note: This is another one I wrote for another publication that ultimately went unused. It was written in June 2014 when Farage fever was at its height in the British media. Sadly, little has changed since then, so it’s still depressingly relevant with the Tories joining UKIP in a war on the fringes of society. Enjoy!

Also, the series has now been cancelled, so we’ll never find out what the Undead Prophet’s deal was. Sad not to be seeing these characters again, but it really was excellent and I highly recommend you seek it out.

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Feminist Icons of Archer

When I first watched Archer, I thought ‘Great, another show about a gruff, suave white guy saving the day, and he’s a hilarious ironic sexist to boot. Y’know, that ironic sexism that’s basically just regular sexism with a hipster beard and a skill for making vegan quiche’. And Archer himself is all those things. But the show isn’t. The show’s far smarter than that, and has one of the best female supporting casts on TV. Obviously it has its problematic elements (what comedy show doesn’t?) but overall, there’s a lot to love. So, in ascending order, my top 5 Ladies of Archer!

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