Games Work

PlayStation Home – Key Projects (I worked on the vast majority of Lockwood’s output between 2010 & 2013, but these were the ones where I made the largest narrative contribution, usually in terms of creating in-game instructional text, dialogue and related promotional scripts and writings.)

Fallen – Cataclysm Adventure Pack (Developed branching narratives based on designers’ briefs)

Female Crime World – Personal Project (Made in response to the Flowers to Womans and masculinity being “key to the story” nonsense surrounding GTA V)

Unreleased titles – As is often the case in the games world, I’ve worked on numerous titles that remain unreleased. I can’t say anything about them here, but should you ever wish to know more, ask me and I’ll tell as much as my various NDA’s allow!

H.E.LLCShortlisted in the Reading Digital Fiction Competition 2017

Happy Pony Valley Riding School – Created for Spring Thing 2017

108 Suitors – Created for the British Library’s 2017 Odyssey Jam

The Memory Archivist – Created during an Innovation Placement at the British Library

Short Stories

“Stealing from the Dead”NWS Secrets Journal, July 2014

“Frozen”Murder of Storytellers’ Faed Anthology, January 2015

“Constructing the Perfect Family”Dark Star Publishing’s ‘Beyond Science Fiction’ Issue 9, July 2015

“Blanks”The New Accelerator, Issue 5, September 2015

“Fountain” – Fantasy Scroll Magazine, Issue 9, October 2015

“Mrs Sutherland’s Arms”Punks Write Poems Press’ Don’t Open Till Doomsday Anthology, June 2016

“Sidhe Wood” – Cut the Clouds, Writing East Midlands Aurora 2017 Anthology, June 2017

“Dead Men Don’t Count” – Murder of Storytellers’ The Misbehaving Dead Anthology, October 2017

“A Winter Crossing” – Murder of Storytellers’ Die Infaustus Anthology, May 2018

“Ghillie’s Mum” – Granta, July 2018

Flash Fiction

“They Are Legion. They Are Pigeon”Every Day Fiction, February 2015

“Clint Radigan’s Intergalactic Genitourinary Clinic” – Drabblecast, May 2015

“Like No Chickens I’ve Ever Seen”Faber QuickFic, April 2016

Non-Fiction Articles

How I Ended the Wrestling Match Between My Brain and My Throat (sub-editor’s title, not mine) – The Guardian

“It’s a Kind of Magic: The Tricks of Interactive Fiction”. The Birmingham Journal of Literature and Language, VIII (1), 55-65.

“Why Final Fantasy’s Beautiful Food and Ridiculous Culinary Preparation is the Best Thing in the Game” – Games Radar & Official XBox Magazine. (again, the catchy title is down to the sub editor)

“Before Westworld was Mudfog – Charles Dickens’ Surprisingly Modern Dystopia” – The Conversation & Smithsonian Magazine

“Commander Shepard”, in 100 Greatest Videogame Characters, ed. by Jamie Banks, Robert Mejia and Aubrie Adams, Rowman & Littlefield Publishers (June 23, 2017)


Beyond Kidding, Fairlight Books, (October 31, 2019)

3 thoughts on “Publications

  1. After reading ‘Ghillie’s Mum’ i’ve developed a need for more of your short stories.
    Is there a book, a collection of your work? If not, don’t you think it’s time for one?


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