My Work

Games Work

I spent the early part of my professional games career writing in-game instructional text, dialogue and promotional scripts for virtual items and games in Sony’s PlayStation Home platform. I later worked as a freelance contributor on a variety of small indie projects and made some small solo projects.

Short Stories

My short stories have been widely published and many have been in the running for various awards. I primarily write speculative fiction (magical realism and sci-fi) but my work has also been described as horror and dark comedy.

Flash Fiction

My flash fiction is very similar to my short fiction in tone, style, themes and content, it’s just EVEN shorter!

Non-Fiction Articles

Allegedly, I’m an academic, so I write non-fiction articles too. I mostly write about videogame narrative, and the relationships between writers, technology and audiences, but I have been known to go on about my vocal disorder too.


Beyond Kidding, Fairlight Books, (UK: October 31, 2019; US: April 1, 2021 ) Available as a paperback novel (this is an affiliate link – I’ll receive additional commission if you use it), ebook and audiobook

Dreaming in Quantum, Fairlight Books (UK: 20 May 2021) Available for pre-order. (This is an affiliate link – I’ll receive additional commission if you use it).

3 thoughts on “My Work

  1. After reading ‘Ghillie’s Mum’ i’ve developed a need for more of your short stories.
    Is there a book, a collection of your work? If not, don’t you think it’s time for one?


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